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Happiness Membership application form :

The Happiness Affiliate Program is operated by bottoms up Limited and is subject to the following terms and conditions.

This program is only applicable to the online shop and at Sham Shui Po store pre-orders products.

By using this online shop to become a member of the happiness affiliate program, using any part of this website means you have read these Terms and Conditions and accept and agree to be bound by it. You also agree to provide your personal information to bottoms up (" Personal Data "in accordance with the definition of" Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance "in Chapter 2 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and agree that bottoms up may collect and use your personal data in accordance with its Personal Data (Privacy) Policy Statement.

Apply for a Happiness Member

1. You must produce a completed booking with a net worth of HK $ 800

2. Or in the past 90 days (from the date of purchase of the first document), a completed per-order totally  HK $ 2,000 net

3. Only accepts valid documents issued by this shop or store.

(Purchase of stock / store shopping / redemption points except)

4. Documents and membership points will not be combined or transferred

5. Members may be asked to supplement or provide us with complete and accurate personal information, including but not limited to membership card number, name, mobile number, email address, birthday information, etc., at the time of registration to facilitate access to promotional offers and promotions

6. Each member can only apply for a membership

( eg. email address / phone number)

7. If the member applies for membership consumption receipts receipt of goods, as a result of stock / refund issues, so that the final amount of consumption is less than the application for membership of the designated transaction amount, membership points or amount will be canceled.

8. Membership validity period of one year from the effective date of points calculated as: September 1, 2017 start counting.




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